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Let's gear up together!

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had a significant impact on many aspects of student life. With the one-off Special Grant for Student Support Services in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic established by the University Grant Committee (UGC), our HKU multi-disciplinary team, consisting of career coaches, mental health professionals, arts and cultural practitioners, health and exercise specialists, computer science experts, etc., work together to offer a comprehensive range of support services to help students gearing up for a variety of challenges in these unprecedented times. We are hugely grateful to our colleagues for their devotion and our fellow students, who have been working closely with us as partners in the design and planning of student services and programmes.


We hope you are safe and well and enjoying your time at University despite things being different this academic year. Browse and share this GEARING UP website for the vital information and resources to gear up your psychological well-beingcareer skill setsphysical fitness and healthy living in times of COVID-19. Take the initiative to pick the support and join the programmes that help achieve your goals!   


We look forward to supporting you with our enhanced student support services.

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Professor Samson TSE

Dean of Student Affairs, HKU

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Centre for Sports and Exercise 

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Department of Computer Science


HKU Edible Spaces

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Thank You

To our Student Advisory Group!

Our utmost gratitude goes to our Student Advisory Group for all the ways you have contributed in helping others gear up!

CHENG Wing Man Cherry

CHOI Ting Hei Alex
HUI Wai Kwan Fion

LAU Cheuk Wing Christy

LEE Nok Yi Maggie

MA Pui Lam Kitty

TAN Xiujing Carol

TANG Yin To Vincent  

WONG Chi Wai Sam

ZHOU Rongmei Carrie

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