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Gearing Up

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Career Support

With the economy and employment market expected to be affected by COVID-19 well into 2021, competition is going to be one of the hallmarks of job searching. While companies are moving to new virtual hiring and remote work practices, employers have evolved on how they are hiring, what talents they are looking for and the way the post-pandemic workplace will operate. Gear up now to get yourself well-equipped with the in-demand skills and competencies!

New and Trending


Learn more about our new initiatives.

DropPicker Career Library 

A new platform for eligible students and graduates who need to seek past interview questions and other information for preparing forthcoming job interviews at different companies or organisations. 

HKU Virtual Campus Recruitment Platform 

This new and interactive virtual campus recruitment platform assembles employer recruitment talks, events, themed mini fairs and annual career fair. Students and graduates are able to attend talks, meet employers and surf on the platform to launch job applications and go further on the employer recruitment process through this new platform.

AI Career 360

Use our new powerful tools with AI checker to scan and improve your CVs, perform video interviews and receive instant feedback. You can also practise a number of aptitude tests to excel in different selection exercises.

Aptitude Tests 

These free online aptitude practice tests and games help job seekers including current students and new graduates to succeed through a recruitment and job assessment process. 


Coachiever is a career coaching programme comprising in-depth personalised coaching and customised training workshops to guide you through career goal setting and planning.  The programme has ended in June 2022.

Service Highlights

Make the most of our events and services

Job and Internship

Login to NETJobs, an exclusive job searching platform for HKU students and fresh graduates, to seek for full-time, part-time and temporary jobs, internship positions, and private tuition opportunities.

Career Events / Workshops

Register for recruitment talks and career workshops to understand what employers expect of you as a prospective employee and learn essential skills for application writing, job interview, and workplace success.


Develop individual entrepreneurial capacities and mindset through accessing entrepreneurial resources, networking and sharing ideas.

Career Advice

Make 1-1 career advising appointments with our Career Consultants and Student Advising Officers to get advice on career-related subjects such as application writing review, job searching skills, interview practice and career preparation.

Self-help Resources

Find out the resources to gear up

for your career.

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