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#HKUGrowFoodAtHome Challenge

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The launch of the 2020 Challenge encouraged HKU students to grow a small pot of herbs or vegetables at home amid the ongoing COVID–19 pandemic. More than a hundred students have made their first attempts in taking care of the plants. Some plants may not have flourished, while others grew into food and flower.  Most importantly, this Challenge hopes to bring you relief through the process of growing something during the uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, as well as helping you to learn about sustainable lifestyles. Join our Challenge to allow your plants, your mind, and your body, grow and flourish and to allow you to connect with other growers!

Experts’ explanations and briefings and community support throughout the growing process will be provided.  Selected photos of plants will be featured in our social media. Participants who most effectively record their crop-growing journey or demonstrate the use of their homegrown crops in their cooking will be rewarded with a pack of herbs or a bottle of dried herbs from our HKU Edible Spaces!

HKU Edible Spaces Ambassador Training Programme


The edible spaces on campus have been providing opportunity and inspiration for students and staff to engage in organic farming, horticulture practices, as well as interdisciplinary studies. Throughout the years, the spaces have acted as a hub to promote awareness on sustainability and wellbeing among the HKU community.

To expand the benefits of the edible spaces to a wider audience, we have been recruiting HKU students, who are passionate about gardening/farming and sustainability, to be Edible Spaces Ambassadors to assist in hosting tours and workshops.

The 3rd Edible Spaces Ambassador Training Programme is now open for application. In the training programme, experts from respective areas will share their knowledge and experience with the participants, and the participants will apply what they have learnt while designing and hosting the tours and workshops.

Herb Garden Monthly meet-up

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This series hopes to nurture a community that shares similar concerns about health, wellbeing, the environment, and our future, as well as to spark more creative and sustainable uses of campus space and resources. 
Many people have adopted a more minimalist lifestyle while COVID-19 has been raging across the world. Beyond our imagination, nature has been given an unexpected chance to rest and recuperate partially.  If we could do it in this Pandemic Period, then why not make it a long-term habit? 
Join the Herb Garden Meet-up to unwind in this enchanting aromatic atmosphere!  Our Herb Garden Team, a group of students and staff volunteers, are growing a variety of organic herbs in the garden.  In this event, we will share gardening and organic farming tips, as well as dried herbs, herb cuttings and seeds.

Urban Edible Spaces Forum
Community Composting for Waste Reduction and Soil Regeneration


According to the latest waste statistics for 2020 in the report Monitoring of Solid Waste in Hong Kong, an average of about 3,255 tonnes of food waste were disposed in the landfills every day. Among those, 76% were household disposal, which means approximately each person has dumped 330g of food waste per day. One of the solutions to this problem is composting – converting organic waste into soil conditioner. But for most urban dwellers living in high-density cities like Hong Kong, composting has been an unfamiliar concept and it seems we do not have the appropriate conditions or facilities to make it. In this forum, experts from different backgrounds will share their experiences in advocating composting, from personal, household, to business level. It is never too late to start composting and reduce our impacts on the environment!


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