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Active Summer Series

To promote health and fitness among students, we are excited to announce a series of single-session FREE* exercise workshops for you to enjoy. All workshops will be run repeatedly once a week on a first-come-first-served basis.

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HKU Student Wellness Self Assessment 2021

HKU, as the first Gold Level Exercise is Medicine® (EIM) campus in HK, has established the Exercise Referral Scheme that connects patients in need of exercise with qualified exercise specialists and health providers.

In response to The COVID-19 Pandemic, HKU has launched a series of support services to ensure physical and mental wellness among students. One of which is the Wellness Self Assessment, aiming to identify students in need of exercise and removing any exercise barriers.

By completing this short self assessment, each student will receive a *voucher for a FREE session with the Exercise Specialists from CSE, or use it as a *$200 voucher for any CSE exercise/sports programs.

Exercise Referral Scheme

This Exercise Referral Scheme aims to increase students' awareness of personal health and encourage active healthy lifestyles through exercise incentives, personal guidance, and referral support among HKU professionals.  An online "Student Wellness self-assessment", jointly developed by CSE, UHS and CEDARS will be introduced to HKU students. Students at higher health risks will be identified and referred to corresponding professionals.

Exercise is Medicine (EIM) Month

Exercise is Medicine on Campus is designed to engage students to improve physical fitness, health and wellness across campus. The initiative includes health assessments and knowledge sharing sessions throughout the year, as well as recruitment of student Health Ambassadors who will support in the EIM on Campus events.

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HKU MoveWell App

The "HKU MoveWell App" will allow users to target information related to their own health and wellness journey that would include, 

 (1) physical activity information

(2) mental health information

(3) medical health 

Coming soon in Jan 2022