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Menta Health Tips

Gearing Up for Psychological Health

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Discover useful coping skills in just a couple of minutes! This self-help series is specially designed to those who would like to nurture their psychological wellbeing. Feel free to share them with your peers, if you find them helpful.

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It can be hard to cope with the stress associated with the COVID-19 outbreak. Get tips to maintain your psychological health during these difficult times. 

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Relax yourself by slowing down your breathing.  Click below and be guided to wind down yourself after a stressful day, or refresh your body and mind during the day.
Breathing exercise

Feeling anxious and facing loss of loved ones during COVID-19 pandemics could be difficult. Learn how to cope with these experiences and take good care of yourself.

Gearing Up for Physical Fitness


COVID-19 and Exercise

Home Exercise

Work from Home Desktop Set up

Exercise & Health Series

Careers Tips

Gearing Up for Career

Job Hunt Strategies

Graphic Chart

Graduate Employment Statistics

Waiting Area

Useful Career Resources

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