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Counselling and Psychological Services

Counselling and Psychological Services
  • Feeling stressful with online learning?

  • Having conflicts with your family?

  • Feeling worried as someone you know is a confirmed case?

  • Experiencing loss or grief?


Counselling and Psychological Services at CEDARS-CoPE is here to support all current HKU students who are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Discuss with our qualified professionals whether meeting face-to-face or through alternative means (e.g. phone/ zoom) best suit your needs.

We provide you with a safe and private environment. Our qualified professionals will keep your information strictly confidential. 

How to approach us?

Opening Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 9:00am – 5:45pm
Friday: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am - 1:00pm

Closed on university holidays


Room 301-323, 3/F, Main Building,
The University of Hong Kong

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Support and Referral

For students located outside Hong Kong_28072021.png
For students located outside Hong Kong 

You are advised to seek counselling and psychological services from where you are currently residing.   

Click here for information on the emotional/crisis support provided by registered bodies in places that are categorized as Group A specified places (high-risk).

New and Trending

CoPE Well webinar web banner_27Aug2021.jpg

CoPE Well Webinar Series

Looking for ways to cope better with challenges in university life? 

You are invited to join the CoPE Well Webinar Series delivered by experienced mental health professionals. Register for free to get inspired with ways to nurture your mental health. Let’s cope well together! 

  • 16 Sep, 1-2 pm                      How to Focus Like a Pro?

  • 23 Sep, 1-2 pm                      Worry Warriors: How to Cope With Anxiety?
  • 30 Sep, 12-1 pm                   How to Stay Calm Under Pressure?

  • 11 Oct, 6-7 pm                      How to Be Friends With Stress - The Art of Balance

  • 21 Oct, 6:30-7:30 pm       What if Tears Can Speak: What Does Sadness Tell Us and How to Cope?

  • 27 Oct, 6-7 pm                      How to Rebound Under Adversity? 


Person Enrichment Workshops
Same but Different

PE Programme web banner_27July2021.png


We all had gone through different adjustment as affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, yet our need to connect, to learn, and to thrive are universal.


Returning to campus in the upcoming semester is expected to bring new adjustment to many of us. Choose any Person Enrichment workshops or activities that match with your individual “taste”!

Highlighted programmes:

Zoom Dating Experience_27July2021.png

PS. I See You – A Zoom Dating Experience

This virtual meetup allows you to meet people, get to know them and interact with them in a brand-new “blind-date” setting. It also facilitates your self-understanding and how you connect with others beyond the idea of “judging a book by its cover”.


Mental Health First Aid Training Course


Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is the help given to someone who is developing or experiencing a mental health crisis before the person can obtain professional assistance.

You can help your peers who are going through difficult times with appropriate skills and knowledge.

To promote peer support during the COVID-19 pandemic, the course fee will be refunded after you have attended the entire training.  Get the training to become a MHFAider for free!

Image for Mental Health First Aid.jpg
Image for Psychological First Aid.jpg

Psychological First Aid Training


Psychological First Aid aims to provide initial support to a person who is affected by a traumatic incident (including COVID-19).

Join the 2-hour introductory workshop to know the common psychological responses to traumatic events, the guiding principles in helping and the skills for facilitating psychological recovery.

Photo_Mindfulness Exercises for Well-bei

Mindfulness Series


Mindfulness can be described as being completely awake and present, moment by moment to what is happening within us and around us. It allows us to stay calm and make sane choices in face of daily stresses.




During the Assessment Period in December 2021, CEDARS-CoPE Psychological Well-being Officers will offer immersive relaxation sessions to help you recharge and refresh your mind through 30-minute relaxation exercise. Let’s be kind and caring to ourselves even on stressful days!

Self-help Resources

Find out the resources to gear up your psychological health.

Image by Nick Fewings

Coming Soon!

Psychological Wellbeing Enhancement Platform
Image for Psychological Wellbeing Enhanc

Nothing is more important than taking good care of your body and mind. 


This one-stop hub provides you with easy-to-manage information, enrichment tips, self-help exercises, and videos that help you to enrich your psychological well-being and mental health.


Visit any time.

Get freebies (limited quotas).

Share with your friends.


All self-help resources are specially designed or selected for you by the mental health professionals at CEDARS-CoPE.

Past Events

Coming Soon!

Past Events

Banner for enhancing self-esteem.jpg

Enhancing self-esteem: The search for inner resources

Do you often see yourself negatively? Are you giving up opportunities because you are not confident about yourself? The way you see or think about yourself plays an important role in how you respond to everyday life and people around you.


This workshop endorses a cognitive approach which guides you to assess your self-esteem, identify and appraise your self-perception through reviewing your past history and experiences.

Image 1 for enhancing self-esteem.tif
Image 2 for enhancing self-esteem.tif
Image 1 for enhancing self-esteem.tif
Banner - Quarantine Workshop_27July2021.png

Psychological Support Sessions for Students under Quarantine - You are Not Alone

Join this one-hour zoom support session to get through quarantine stress. The session aims to facilitate you to expand your inner resources and offer some suggestions of mindful activities, well-being tips, and self-help resources for the quarantine period.

Registration links:

[30 Jul 3pm]  [5 Aug 11am]   [12 Aug 3pm]   [17 Aug 11 am]   [23 Aug 3pm]